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My Journey Out of Church Legalism… But Is the Church [Including Me] Really Out?

My Journey Out of Church Legalism… But Is the Church [Including Me] Really Out?

The Adrienne Ross Show

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This is an episode for people of faith. Many of us know what it is to have been in legalistic churches and mindsets that equated salvation with rules and regulations that were actually a form of bondage--especially for women. In this episode, I give the listeners/viewers a look into my journey through legalism. But then, I step lightly into the current-day church to question if we truly believe in the freedom in Christ, salvation by grace, faith and not works—lest any should boast—message. We say we're not under the law, not under legalism, but are we? I won't pretend that this short episode will set the captives free, but maybe, at the least, it'll help us realize we need to be set free, and that's most of the battle right there.


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