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***GRAPHIC VIDEO, IMAGE*** Journalist Asks Banned Books Protesters if 'Scissoring' Pic in 'Gender Queer' Is Okay for Children; Gets Middle Finger, Told to 'Act like a Christian'



Tayler Hansen, who describes himself on his Instagram profile as a “journalist,” an “independent journalist,” and a “field reporter,” approached protesters at a Brave Books event in Texas about a “scissoring” image in the young adult graphic novel Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe. He was not well received.

According to the Brave Books website, its purpose is “to honor God by shaping a future generation of Americans, who will fight for a nation defined by freedom, truth, humility, bravery, and compassion,” and its mission is “to help parents instill a love of truth in their children so that the children will withstand harmful progressive influences.” It describes its literature as “Faith-based children's books that teach traditional values.” Among its most notable authors is Kirk Cameron, self-described on his website as “Husband. Father. Actor. Filmmaker.” Brave Books also offers the “Freedom Island Book Club,” described as “Pro God. Pro America.” This, of course, is a stark contrast to

the agenda of people who push porn on children in books such as Gender Queer, which I have written about here and here, have addressed on my podcast here, and is the book about which Hansen was asking protesters.


The video at the top shows Hansen approaching protesters donning shirts with messages about reading banned books. He simply wanted to know if they thought children should be looking at the sexual image from Kobabe’s book that he had in his hand. To be clear, most people speaking up about this filth to which children have access do not believe in banning books; they do believe, however, that there are certain places certain books should not be because they are inappropriate. I, however, will straight-up say that I believe books depicting children having sex should not exist period. Children are not to be exploited for sick pleasure or some sense of duty to expose them to anal sex, oral sex, and masturbation, as Gender Queer, for example, does.

The middle finger is the response Hansen received from a man with a rainbow umbrella, who did not appreciate being asked if he thought the image from Gender Queer was appropriate for a child. So much for being able to have a civil conversation about where people stand and why. Another man leaned into the photo of children “scissoring” and just sort of grunted. “That was weird” Hansen stated concerning the man’s noise.

Then we had the man who said to Hansen, “Act like a Christian for once in your life and walk away,” repeating “walk away” several times. And that is what people expect Christians to do—just be quiet, allow children access to such detrimental material, and do nothing. Unfortunately, that too often is what is happening. Many of the good guys don’t want to get involved and believe there is virtue in compliance. Even Jesus turned over tables when he witnessed that which was sacred being profaned. I’m not saying we should go tear stuff up, but I am saying there has to be some kind of righteous indignation that rises up and a backbone to do something when we see what is happening right in front of us while we look the other way and pray.


NEXT MEETING | August 29 at 5:00 p.m. | Delmonico’s in Jackson, MO

I had never heard of Tayler Hansen until Monday, when a friend showed me the Instagram post of him engaging the protesters, but I will keep my eye on him because he is a man of action and finds the risk worth the reward of protecting the most vulnerable among us.

This isn’t the scissoring page from the book, which is talked about in the video, but here is the page I’ve posted before—right out of the young adult novel Gender Queer, which, I remind you, the largest teachers’ union in the country has recommended to educators for their summer reading. The image is graphic, so stop here if you think you might not want to see it—then think about the children who are seeing it in school and public libraries:

We have to take a stand. As the new school year approaches, do you know yet if this book is in your children’s school?

This particular content is public because everyone needs to know what’s going on. I’d appreciate it if you would hit the share button to help spread the word and sound the alarm.


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