Oct 26, 2021 • 50M

Guest Kelsey Bohlender 10 Kids Later: God Challenged, ‘Would You Consider Adoption?’

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Adrienne Ross
Adrienne is known for provoking thought, challenging ideologies, and, yes, hitting nerves. She brings that same spirit to The Adrienne Ross Show as she addresses topics such as politics, faith, freedom, family, sports, and more. A to Z, Adrienne is on it!
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My guest is a mother of TEN. Any way you look at that—ten, 10, X—it’s still 9+1! And 9+1 = a whole lot of children! Kelsey Bohlender and her husband responded to God’s challenge to open their hearts and homes beyond their biological children. While she agrees that abortion is wrong even if neither she nor anyone else ever adopted, she sees adoption as an important part of the stand for life. That conviction not only led to adopting multiple children; it also led to the founding of an agency that helps people adopt and provides support to women. You’ll be inspired and maybe even challenged by her story. Enjoy the episode by listening right here, or watch it on The BMG Network’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-z5e2Y2h7k