Nov 1, 2022 • 45M

Exposing the Sabotage Agenda Heading into Midterm Elections

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Adrienne Ross
Adrienne is known for provoking thought, challenging ideologies, and, yes, hitting nerves. She brings that same spirit to The Adrienne Ross Show as she addresses topics such as politics, faith, freedom, family, sports, and more. A to Z, Adrienne is on it!
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The midterm elections are fast-approaching, and it's vitally important that everyone votes on November 8, even if you don't generally vote in the midterms. This year, elections for the Senate and the House have our country hanging in the balance. In this episode, I shine a light on the shenanigans that so-called national leadership is pulling, all designed to keep the good ol' boys--and girls--in their posh positions of power and to freeze out America First, common sense, Trump-endorsed candidates. We need to know the truth now, and then on Election Day, we need to turn the tables on the sabotage agenda. Local and state elections also matter; don't disregard them. Listen here, or watch on YouTube at