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Boys Couldn't Even Perform Drills Against Girls When I Coached Girls' Basketball, but Now, They Can Take Over


I coached girls’ varsity basketball for six years. When I first began coaching, I thought scrimmaging the boys’ team and doing drills together would be beneficial because I did that when I played in high school. I was told that was not allowed. My, how things have changed. I’m rather sure that rule is still in place. Girls are not to compete against boys even in a controlled setting. But now, especially collegiately and professionally, all a dude has to do is “become” a girl or feel like a girl, and he can ditch battling against male athletes, who are more likely to be his own size, height, and strength, and go up against female athletes, and to hades with Title IX, equity, and common sense.

Be sure to click the video above from Égard Watch Company. It speaks volumes, and if the obvious injustice it highlights doesn’t grab you, you’ve swallowed more than Kool-Aid.

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