Apr 11 • 39M

Adrienne Ross Show | Too Much at Stake in This Culture to Let Next Easter Be the Next Time You Take Your Children to Church

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Adrienne Ross
Adrienne is known for provoking thought, challenging ideologies, and, yes, hitting nerves. She brings that same spirit to The Adrienne Ross Show as she addresses topics such as politics, faith, freedom, family, sports, and more. A to Z, Adrienne is on it!
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I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday/Easter service. If, however, you tend to only take your children (or yourself) to church on that holiday, it's time to change. We each need a daily relationship with the risen Savior. Furthermore, right now, if your children do not receive a godly foundation and are not connected to a godly community called the church, this evil culture is going to chew them up, spit them out, and destroy all the values good parents want their children to possess. Next Easter isn't soon enough. Yes, it really is that serious.

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